Copper Wire

Here at our plant we have a wire stripping operation that allows us to take insulated copper wire and removeĀ  coatings to produce bare bright copper. One machine can process around 100 feet of wire a minute and the other is capable of stripping up to six inch diameter wire. If the wire is a large enough gauge we offer the service of stripping the wire coating and buying the material as bare bright copper. This process greatly increases the value of your wire. Most other scrap yards will not offer this service to their customers, but we will pay this increased value to you FREE OF CHARGE!!!

We also purchase all scrap copper such as bare bright, #1 copper and #2 copper. If the material is contaminated with other metals and can be cut easily, we will remove the other metals and buy the material as #1 copper. This means more money for our customers and we offer this service FREE OF CHARGE!!!