Catalytic Converters

At Exhausted Inc we cut and process large quantities of catalytic converters every year. We have a cutting operation that allows us to de-can the catalyst material, recycle the 400 series stainless steel shells, recycle the stainless steel mesh contained in the converters, recover the contents of the O2 sensors (platinum–contained within the sensors), and refine the precious metals of all the converter matrix so customers get the full value for every converter.  Over the years we’ve worked to cut out the middle men and eliminate any guessing when it comes to knowing the value of the material. We are constantly searching for new sources to improve the payout on any material to ensure our customers continue to get the money they deserve. We are always working hard to ensure our customers get top dollar for their material.

What we accept

  • Whole Catalytic Converters
  • De-canned Catalytic Material
  • Foil Converters
  • Oxygen Sensors