Here at Exhausted Inc. we have over 35 years experience in the precious metals industry and the recycling industry. Over the years we have done business with clients across the world and have been able to continuously grow our resources to help broaden our capabilities to service our customers. We have worldwide resources that are R2 certified, RoHas certified, ISO certified, WEEE certified and environmentally green companies that service our needs and the needs of all our customers. Therefore, whatever processes that we do not handle internally we make sure that your material is always handled in an environmentally and responsible manner. Our specialties include catalytic converters, x-ray film, oxygen sensors, computer scrap, copper wire recycling, purchasing precious metals, recycling of gold and recycling of any material containing precious metals.

Services Offered

  • Cutting and processing of catalytic converters
  • Stripping and processing insulated copper wire.
  • Recycling of all forms of X-Ray films
  • Recycling computer scrap
  • EPA approved gold stripping operation.
  • Buying and recycling of oxygen sensors
  • Buying and recycling of any and all precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and all other PGM’s)